About Us

Moving with the Cloud (of God's Presence), not with the crowd (culture / popular influence). It is not just a slogan for us at River of Grace Church. We want to move with God - not the latest fad.

Since our beginning in 1982 in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, River of Grace Church has never been a traditional church. We do not have an Order of Worship or a strict outline of what should happen on any given Sunday morning. Our desire is to create an atmosphere through passionate worship where God can move freely— without restricting Him to a specific format, schedule or agenda. We believe that God is 'chomping at the bit' to show His goodness and power to His children and we see this in evidence in our meetings.

Connecting with others in real, genuine community is also very important to us. Building relationships is vital for all Believers and fellowship is a huge part of River of Grace Church. Our church is comprised of real, imperfect people with diverse backgrounds who are in all different stages of life.  We have become an extended family that comes together to connect with God and each other.

Our Pastor

Duane Tracy is the Founder and Senior Pastor of River of Grace Church. He is a fifth-generation minister who is referred to by others as an apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, revivalist, or a mix of all of those, although he doesn't refer to himself as anything other than a man who loves God. Duane entered the ministry at age 19 and began a pastoral and evangelistic ministry that has circled the globe.

Duane lives in Fort Worth, Texas with Annette, his wife of 30+ years, and they have three adult children, Christine, Nick and Jonathan.

J O I N   U S   S U N D A Y S   A T   1 1 A M